It’s 2019. Do people still blog?

Going back to blogging has always been on my mind, ever since I stopped because I had to make time for my other endeavors (and, of course, my livelihood). But it’s been a while since I have actively blogged; I don’t know if I’d be able to produce relevant and quality content and I’m obviously unsure about the current trends. In all the years that I have blogged, I did not really attain that popular or “influencer” status. Perhaps, except for that brief time when I got a Philippine Blog Award for Best Single Post Commentary (look for “The Problem of R.A. 9439”, a post I wrote about my unpopular opinion regarding Anti-Hospital detention law), some interviews from other healthcare bloggers back in the day and my coverage of the ASEAN summit, my blog’s “influence” circle probably just covered a small, distinct sphere.

Fast track to 2019 at a time when everything is about branding and influence. And of course, the era of video blogs or vlogs.

We probably have to thank our “improving” internet services which have been made more available and affordable (?), the production of smartphones with capability of shooting and editing videos, and the different mobile apps that ease the upload and publishing of content. It’s a fast moving and evolving world and our hunger for information grows. People would want to have the faster way of scouring the net for the information they need and consuming the maximum using minimum effort and time. And thus, the popularity of video blogs. Of course, this is also Youtube era.

So, why am I still blogging and not “vlogging”???

I believe that content is still king. It’s just that, nowadays, our media platforms are diverse. Video blogging is the fastest, most entertaining and most efficient way to send messages across. Probably, more emphasis on the entertaining part. People have shorter attention spans nowadays.

However, churning quality content takes time, effort, and resources. And I’m not exactly adept with producing video content.

But who says I won’t be doing that too?

I’m just more comfortable with blogging. I do recognize, though, that in the course of bringing quality content, one also has to evolve and explore all available avenues to make the experience richer and more memorable.

We will have time for all these things.

What am I blogging about this time?

By the way, I congratulate you, dear reader, if you’ve reached this point of the post. Sometimes (or most of the time), it takes me a while before I get to the point.

I spoke of digital trends and how technology have helped us consume information faster and more efficiently. Technology is such a boon. But I still love my analog hobbies: sketching and writing with fountain pens. I will have to write a blog post why I keep these analog hobbies, since I have read and heard some people claim it’s a total waste of time (le gasp!). I’d gladly share this link to the article stating studies showing how putting pen to paper helps in memory retention and learning. And I can’t agree more.

Why is this blog named “UnArtodox Scrawls”?

The blog name is a play on the word “unorthodox” . Unorthodox means “contrary to what is usual or expected“. I don’t know if my art or my writings would be considered mainstream or popular or acceptable. Is it even art? I don’t know. But I find joy in it. Hopefully, some people who share the interest will find joy in it too.

This blog is a work in progress. And I would like you to come join me in that journey. It should be fun.

Dr. Tess Termulo is an internist and works in a hospital and telemedical center in Metro Manila. She is a fountain pen enthusiast who loves to play with watercolors, inks, and graphite on paper.