Troublemaker Inks’ Nautical Highway

Troublemaker Inks are one of those inks that I wish I was able to acquire sooner. While that it is true that they are active in mixing and selling inks, I wish I was able to have had more time earlier to get acquainted with the first colors they released. I only have some samples and I am loving those. I wish I was able to get some more full-sized bottles. But they still have more inks to produce and mix and hopefully, I’d be able to get some during the upcoming Manila Pen Show on the 16th and 17th of November of this year.

One of the sample inks I have is Nautical Highway which was named after Cebu’s portion of a 900-kilometer system of roads and maritime routes that serves as the Philippines’ backbone of transportation. The makers of Troublemaker Inks hail from Cebu, Gabriel Arnado and Kaiser Dale Duragos. From Cebu, their inks have come a long way and are now being distributed to many foreign countries like the United States and Canada.

TMKR ink Nautical Highway is a blue fountain pen ink with purplish-red sheen and shimmer. It is a very pretty ink whose characteristics show up even in not the most optimum of papers like in the paper used in the photo, which is a Veco Classify (not the paper used from Veco white notebooks)

It shades…it shimmers…it sheens…

It is unfortunate that I only got a sample vial and I have used up much of it playing around with my other pens (because the ink was so pretty!)

But looking closely, one can see all the shading, shimmers, and sheen. On this particular paper, I used my fine glass nib (I think it was China-made) with interchangeable italic nibs, from extra fine to broad.

One can observe that the shading, shimmer, and sheen characteristics show up even with the pen that produces the finest line. If I had more sample ink, I could have been able to pool more of the ink to produce the different colors (purple, red, blue). Unfortunately, this ink is not water resistant. It does have average drying time (about 15 to 20 seconds). One thing of note also is that one has to shake up the container so that the shimmer can be distributed evenly when you get the ink. Also, it is a bit difficult to clean up when it gets on your hands, but nothing so stubborn that soap and water cannot remove.

Pretty shimmers

Troublemaker Ink Nautical Highway is a showstopping, attention-getting, lovely ink that is nice to use to prettify a piece of art or a page in your journal. But one has to probably choose the fountain pen to use it with because of the tons of shimmer in it. It isn’t too choosy with the paper but expect that it will have some bleed-through (which, unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of), especially if you’re going to use it with stub or wide nibs. The ink also takes a while to be cleaned from a pen, but nothing too stubborn.

I’d be posting more writing samples using Troublemaker Inks soon. And I am pretty much excited to be able to get my hands on the new inks they have been mixing.

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