Pebble Stationery Co. – The Pocket Tomoe River Notebook

Like any fountain pen enthusiast, I eventually developed paper snobbery and has been on the lookout for fountain-pen friendly paper and notebooks for my writing needs. Writing, for me, is not merely a task; I write for the experience of writing. And thus, quality paper is important to me to attain and maintain that blissful writing experience.

One of my problems, of recent, is finding pocket notebook refills for my Mini Kislap Notebook which I bought from Alunsina Handbound Books. Although, Alunsina does produce refills for their notebooks, the stocks in the stores they are affiliated with are unpredictable. And I need notebooks that have more pages, so that I don’t need to replace refills quickly and to keep migrating information from one refill to another.

I was fortunate to find a post by Micah Robles in our fountain pen group about this new fountain-pen friendly notebook by Pebble Stationery Co., which is a product of kickstarter campaign by Lois Ho and Joohn Soh. Also, as a result of their first campaign, they were able to donate 200 pencils to the children of the Shree Annapurna Panchankanya Primary School in Nepal, shipped last January 2019.

The Pocket Notebook by Pebble Stationery Co. has 80 pages of dot grid, 52 gsm, Tomoe River paper and sewn spine stitch.

It has similar dimensions to Field Notes notebook (3.5 inches x 5.5 inches), which I would usually use when I don’t have an Alunsina refill. The downside to using the Field Notes is that it does not handle fountain pen ink too well. But I have used it for my pencil sketches.

Inner part of Front Cover

I love that the notebook has provided a space for owner information and a space one can utilize for writing table of contents.

Inner Part of Back Cover

I used 4 of my currently inked EDC fountain pens to test the paper. Don’t you just love the monster sheen of Vinta inks Sandugo and Dugong Bughaw? The sheen comes out even when writing with fine nibs <3 (See my review of Sandugo and Dugong Bughaw Vinta inks). No feathering observed.

And, looking at the back of the page where I have written the sample text, one can see it has tolerable ghosting and no bleed through. In person, the ghosting is really just minimal, at least, for my preference.

Here is how Pebble notebook looks when inserted into my Mini Kislap.

Here’s my beloved Mini Kislap, all rugged because of months of wear.

If you are interested in trying out the Pebbles Stationery Co. Pocket Tomoe River Notebook, you may check out Micah Robles’ Instagram account and send her a direct message.

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