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Sketches and Writings of a Fountain Pen Enthusiast

Takumi Spirits of Artisan notebooks by IWI x Awagami Factory

As a fountain pen user and enthusiast for quite some time, the perpetual problem (and obsession) that I have is looking for paper that is fountain pen-friendly. Although I have no choice in the user of paper in the hospital for charts and prescriptions, I still need to have fp-friendly paper for my journaling, lists, and note-taking. And like many folks who fell in the same rabbit hole like me, […]

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Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen: Reliable Capless Convenience

Eversince I have started using fountain pens for daily writing (especially at work), one of my few apprehensions is that I always fear losing the pen cap. During hospital duty, everything can happen so fast: one minute you’re quietly writing orders on hospital charts, and the next minute, you’re already prepping for emergency endotracheal intubation on a patient at the emergency room. I used to write with retractable ballpoint pens […]

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Pebble Stationery Co. – The Pocket Tomoe River Notebook

Like any fountain pen enthusiast, I eventually developed paper snobbery and has been on the lookout for fountain-pen friendly paper and notebooks for my writing needs. Writing, for me, is not merely a task; I write for the experience of writing. And thus, quality paper is important to me to attain and maintain that blissful writing experience. One of my problems, of recent, is finding pocket notebook refills for my […]

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The Subtle, Practical Beauty of Kaweco Perkeo All Black Fountain Pen

In the beginning, there was a degree of uncertainty…and a dose of curiosity. A popular saying cautions that curiosity killed the cat. But sometimes, curiosity leads to happy discoveries. Most new fountain pen enthusiasts will be pointed towards the direction of Pilot Metropolitans or Lamy Safaris to begin their foray into the dangerous world of Fountain Pens (and inks). But since the arrival of the revived Kaweco Perkeo (it was […]

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Nomad Sketchbook: An Affordable Luxe, Portable Art Journal

At first glance, the Nomad Sketchbook looks like a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. If you’re a paper hoarder like me, this would look familiar to you. And indeed, the basic function is the same. Like the Midori Traveler’s notebook, the leather cover provides adequate protection for your paper and the rubber bands provide ways to insert multiple paper inserts to suit your journaling/notebook needs (I can probably discuss some ways to […]

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